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Sure Instrument

Electromagnetic Flow Meter Series

Electromagnetic Flow Meter LDG

Operating Principle

Following Faraday’s law of magnetic induction, a voltage is induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field. In the electromagnetic measuring principle, the following medium is the moving conductor. The voltage induced is proportional to the flow velocity and is supplied to the amplifier by means of two measuring electrodes. The flow volume is calculated by means of the pipe cross section area.

  • Not affected by density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity fluctuation;
  • No block parts, no pressure loss, and short straight length;

Sanitary Magnetic Flow Meter LDGS


The sanitary magnetic flow meter is specifically designed for measurement of food liquids like milk, cream, juice of various fruits, pharma liquids etc. It is available with compact or remote version of transmitter can be installed either horizontally or vertically with a variety of optional end-fittings to meet your requirements.

  • Measure sanitary kind fluids, like beer, juice, milk
  • Size is available from DN6-DN100;
  • Fully stainless steel SS304 or SS316 option;
  • High accuracy 0.5%, 0.2% option;

Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter LDGC


SURE Insertion Magnetic Flowmeter is designed for measurement of the velocity of liquid. It can be installed in any pipeline of internal diameter from 200mm (8in) to 3000mm (120in),through a small tapping. The complete lack of moving parts of this insertion flow sensor is the source of its reliability. There is no rotor to stop turning in dirty water and there are no bearings to wear out.

Reverse flow output are optional. A rapidly reversing magnetic field is produced in the lower housing. As the fluid moves through this field, a voltage generated that is measured and translated into a frequency signal proportional to flow rate.

This square wave signal can be sent directly to a PLC, control or converted to 4 to 20mA.

  • Measure medium: Conductivity medium;
  • Output: 4-20mA, pulse, MODBUS RS485, HART, GPRS,etc
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5%; ±0.2%;

Electromagnetic Heat Meter LDGH


Electromagnetic heat meter is a thermal conversion system contains the heat released by the hot fluid measurement instruments measure. It uses a high precision, high reliability magnetic flow meter with platinum RTD for temperature so that the heat meter has very excellent measurement performance. It can be widely used in metering residential quarters office building s and enterprises, centra heating, heating, air conditioning heat..

  • Plug and play. All parameters are pre-configured in factory;
  • OBi-directional;
  • Standard output: 4-20mA, pulse;

Liquid Turbine Flow Meter Series

Liquid Turbine Flow Meter LWGY

Operating Principle

Fluid entering the meter first passes through an inlet flow straightener that reduces its turbulent flow pattern. Fluid then passes through the turbine, causing the turbine to rotate at a speed proportional to fluid velocity. As each turbine blade passes through the magnetic field generated by the meter's magnetic pickup, an AC voltage pulse is generated. These pulses provide an output frequency that is proportional to volumetric flow.

  • High accuracy, ±0.2%, ±0.5%, ±1.0%;
  • Small, compact and lightweight, easy install and maintenance, wide range;

Sanitary Liquid Turbine Flow Meter LWS


The sanitary liquid turbine flow meter is specifically designed for measurement of food liquids like milk, cream, juice of various fruits, pharma liquids etc. It is available with compact or remote version of transmitter can be installed either horizontally or vertically with a variety of optional end-fittings to meet your requirements.

  • International standard, can replace the similar import product;
  • Material is with Anti-corrosive, followed the foodstuff industry standard;

Mini Turbine Flow Meter NUER


Mini flow meter is based on turbine theory and designed for measuring micro-flow. This meter has extremely high accuracy especially under the condition of high temperature and high pressure. The Electronic pulse transmitter is also integrated in this min flow meter. It can maintain the 1% accuracy and 0.2% repeatability. Because of smart structure design, no debris can store in the working process and it’s clear after work.

  • Mini flow rate to measure;
  • High accuracy, ±1.5%, ±1.0%;
  • Smart structure with small volume, widely used in some narrow fields;

Gas Turbine Flow Meter Series

Gas Turbine Flow Meter LWQ


The operation of the International Gas Turbine Meter is based on the measurement of the velocity of gas. The flowing gas is accelerated and conditioned by the meters straightening section. The straightening vanes prepare the gas flow profile by removing. undesired swirl, turbulence and asymmetry before the gas flows to the turbine wheel. The dynamic forces of the flowing fluid cause the rotor to rotate.

The turbine wheel is mounted on the main shaft, with special high precision, low friction ball bearings. The turbine wheel has helical blades that have a known angle relative to the gas flow. The conditioned and accelerated gas drives the turbine wheel with an angular velocity that is proportional with the gas velocity.

  • 180 degrees rotatable head, and easy installation and maintenance;
  • Good repeatability: 0.05%~0.2% for short period;
  • Temperature and pressure compensation available;

Vortex Flow Meter Series

Vortex Flow Meter LUGB


The vortex flow meter is used for measuring the flow velocity of gases or liquids in pipelines flowing full. The measuring principle is based on the development of a Karman vortex shedding street in the wake of a body built into the pipeline The periodic shedding of eddies occurs first from one side and then from the other side of a bluff body (vortex-shedding body) installed perpendicular to the pipe axis. Vortex shedding generates a so-called "Karman vortex street" with alternating pressure conditions whose frequency is proportional to the flow velocity.

  • ASIC large scale integrated circuit design, small size;
  • Low current offset ≤ 50uV,temperature drift<1uV/°C;
  • Programmable filter for aperiodic vibration remove;
  • Intelligent control, no need to manual debugging;

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Flow Meter TUF


Hand-held Ultrasonic Type

TUF-2000H works on the transit time method. This is based on the principle that sound waves traveling with the flow will move faster than those traveling against it. The resulting difference in transit time is directly proportional to the flow velocity of the liquid and consequently to the flow rate.

Portable Ultrasonic Type

TUF-2000P is available in a variety of configuration that permit the user to select an ultrasonic meter with feature suitable to meet particular application requirements. It could also provides the data printed service. Built-in min thermal printed with instant and timing print function and uplink over 20 measuring data to computer or internet.

Wall mounted Ultrasonic Type

TUF-2000S is a fixed mounted transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter, with clamp-on transducers for non-invasive liquid measurement. Our microprocessor based, user friendly, field programmable flow measurement technique allows no interruption of the process flow and has low installation cost.

  • Linearity: 0.5%, Repeatability: 0.2%, Accuracy: 1.0%;
  • Measuring range: DN15-DN6000;
  • Type: Wall mounted, Handheld , Portable;
  • Adopt low voltage, multi-pulse technology to improve accuracy

Ultrasonic Level Flow Meter ULM


This instrument determines the height from the bottom to the surface of the liquid under test by measuring the air propagation time, the time required for an ultrasonic wave emitted from the detector installed above the tested liquid to reflect on the level of the liquid, and then return to the detector. This product can be widely used for a high degree of measurement of the level of a variety of liquid; solid materials can also be used for distance measurement.

  • Provides reliable, accurate, and no-contact level measurement;
  • Non-contact technology offers no moving parts to wear, jam, corrode;
  • FM approved explosion-proof making it as ideal

Ultrasonic Heat Meter RL


Ultrasonic flow meters are gaining wide usage in commercial, industrial and medical applications. Major benefits of utilizing this type of flowmeter are higher accuracy, low maintenance (no moving parts), noninvasive flow measurement, and the ability to regularly diagnose health of the meter. This application note Is intended as an introduction to ultrasonic time-of-flight (TOF) flow sensing using the TDC1000 ultrasonic analog-front-end (AFE). Information regarding a typical off-the-shelf ultrasonic flow sensor is provided, along with related equations for calculation of flow velocity and flow rate. Included in the appendix is a summary of standards for water meters and a list of low cost sensors suitable for this application space.

  • Size from DN15…DBN200;
  • LCD displaying with 8 digitals;
  • Temperature sensor material of Platinum PT1000;
  • RS485, Infrared window, remote control;
  • Battery life around 8 years.

Swirl Flow Meter

Intelligent Swirl Meter LUX


Intelligent Swirl flow meter developed by our company is a new flow instrument at the leading level in China. This instrument has a combined function of flow capacity, temp and pressure measuring. It can also conduct auto compensation of temperature, pressure and compressibility factor. It is an ideal gas dosing instrument for petroleum, chemical, electricity and metallurgic industries LUX-U/H

  • No movable parts, excellent corrosion resistance, and high reliability;
  • High accuracy: High accuracy: ±1.5%, ±1.0%;
  • 360 degrees rotatable head, and easy installation and maintenance;
  • Temperature, pressure, flow display;

Oval Gear Flow Meter

Oval Gear Flow Meter

Operating Principle

Fluid enters inlet port and then passes through the metering chamber. Inside the chamber, fluid forces the internal gears to rotate before exiting through the outlet port. Each rotation of the gears displaces a specific volume of fluid. As the gears rotate, a magnet on each end of the gear passes a reed switch in the top mounted register’s circuit board.

  • Mechanical display type, Digital display type, available;
  • High temperature & High viscosity type, available;
  • Size from DN10…DN200;
  • Accuracy of ±0.5%, ±0.2%;

Variable Area Flow Meter

Variable Area Flow Meter


The Variable Area Flow meter is an instrument for measuring the flow of liquids or gases in pipelines. It includes a vertical tube through which the fluid flows whose diameter increases from the bottom to the top and a float which can move vertically in the tube. As the flow increases this float moves to a higher position until its resistance to the fluid flow is balanced by the float’s buoyed weight in the fluid, a value which is constant and independent of the flow rate. The position of the float is a measure of the flow rate. The flow rate values can be read on a scale.

  • Mechanical display type, digital display type, available;
  • Measure most kinds of gases or liquids;
  • Resistance high temperature to 350°C;
  • Size from DN15-DN150;
  • Material of SS304, SS316, PTFE liner.




FX2000F is a set flow temperature and pressure compensation, trade settlement, power records, data is stored as a multi-functional integrated flow totalizer. In accordance with the relevant international standards, national and industry standards, this instrument has established a variety of flow mathematical models for different flow sensors and media in order to have accurate flow measurement and calculation. It can be widely used in the trade settlement and calculating management network of petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, medicine, city gas, heating and other industries.

  • Remote display match with any flow meter;
  • Any liquids or gases are available;
  • 4-20mA/Pulse, RS485, RS232 available;
  • Mass flow or volume flow is available.

Fluidwell Series

Fluidwell Turbine Flow Meter-E series


The E-series is a popular model in our range of explosion proof flow rate indicators.The E-series distinguishes itself by its quality and functionality driven European design and manufacturing.It is more than fulfilling the rules for explosion proof design, it is about safety during the daily operation. Often, the environment is much tougher than the explosion proof requirements demand. Thus dangerousconditions may be experienced due to a broken enclosure or a poorly made flame path. Ruggedness and reliability is where Fluidwell stands for and it is now available in a comprehensive well designed and purpose driven explosion proof flow rate indicator / totalizer.

  • Explosion proof according ATEX, IEC, Ex, FM and CSAc-us;
  • Easy-to-operate through glasses keypad;
  • Aluminum or high grade stainless steel Exd enclosure.

Fluidwell Turbine Flow Meter-F series


F series is an extensive selection of indicators, controllers and monitoring systems for liquid and gas applications as well as for level, pressure and temperature measurement in industrial environments. Save on installation and maintenance costs. Experience less troubles and hassle. Porfit from its ruggedness and flexibility in mounting and vast range of function. Appreciate its simplicity and user-friendliness and broad and flexible applicability. It comes to high performance standard products and solutions for safe and hazardous area applications.

  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions(rain, snow, salty atmospheres temperatures between -40°C and 80°C without use of expensive protective cabinets;
  • Divers mounting possibility

N410 Batch Controller

  • Five control inputs for remote START, HOLD, RESUME, keypad lock and external alarm;
  • Save time and cost with the easy to operate numerical keypad;
  • Power requirements: 24V DC /110 - 230V AC;

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter


SCM-series coriolis Mass Flow meter directy measures the “Mass” of the medium with high accuracy bassed on the Coriolis principle (Coriolis Force). The accuracy would not be affected by any factors like the temperature,pressure,density,viscosity,etc.And the compensation calculation is not required. The Coriolis Mass Flow Meter consists of two parts;the Senor and the transmitter. The Corioils Mass Flow Meter is designed and Produced based on the national standard of explosion- proof standards. The Explosionproof standard is Exd ib li Ct5 Gb.

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter could directly measure the “Mass” of the liquid . And the accuracy is the highest among all types of flow meter,saying, 0.1~0.2%.The range of application is very large, and it could be used for the medium that diffcult to be measured,like,high temperature,high pressure ,high viscosity, double phases, truple phases. The requirements for the installation are low, the straight pipe requirement in front of and behind the Coriolis Mass Flow meters are low. They are more reliable, stable,and maintenance level is low.

Water Monitoring Instrument

RV7 Radar Velocity Sensor


RV7 is a non-contact 24 GHz RADAR based velocity sensor that uses Doppler Effect to produce velocity data of a moving surface. The measurement can be widely used for hydrological monitoring, flood control, and environmental pollution monitoring. Non-contact surface flow measurement is simple, free from water corrosion, silt or slurry. It also protects the safety of personnel. The velocity present on a surface is typically within 10% of the average velocity. There is an empirical algorithm that yields to an accurate determination of the average velocity from the measurement of the surface velocity at a known flume.

RV7 works not only for the usual environmental monitoring; it is particularly suited to undertake urgent and difficult observation tasks. Incorporating with GDC controller and various types of level gauges, RV7 can be used as a cross-sectional area/velocity based flow meter for measuring flow rate of non-standard open channel and non-full pipe.

  • Non-contact measurement, no silt, slurry or polluted water impact, reduced maintenance costs;
  • Extra-large measuring angle: 30 degrees to 70 degrees;

DV7 Doppler Velocity Sensor


The DV7 submersible velocity sensor is based on the principle of Doppler Effect; it exploits the latest IDSR (Intelligent Doppler Signal Recognition) technology and innovative engineering design. It outputs velocity value by employing the frequency shift between a transmitting ultrasonic wave and its echo caused by suspended particles or gas bubbles (discontinuities) in motion. The sensing elements are Doppler ultrasound twin 1 MHz piezoelectric crystals. The built-in electronic unit performs velocity calculation and outputs digital signal to a receiver like the Delta- Phase GDC. The receiver combines with level signal of a known flume cross section to provide corresponding Area/Velocity flow measurement for open channel and non-full pipe application without primary device. DV7 measures average velocity directly, no more tedious flow profiling work, and significantly reduces the cost of installation and operation for industrial and municipal wastewater pipeline applications provided that the liquid contains at least 50ppm with suspended solids larger than 30 micrometers.

  • RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol.
  • Fully compatible with Delta-Phase ViewTM for easy setup and data logging.
  • POM Housing, Optional SS 316L.

Dissolved Oxygen


The DO7 sensor is based on luminescent optical technology. The Sensor is approved by the ASTM international Method D888-05. Without calibration requirements and thanks to an ultra-low power technology, the DO7 sensor meets the demands of field works and short or long term campaigns.

Without oxygen consumption, this technology allows you an accurate measure in all situations and especially in very low oxygen concentrations.

The Intelligent DO7 sensor stores calibration and history data within the sensor. This allows you a “plug and play” system without re-calibration. Thanks to the Universal Modbus RS485 protocol, the DO7 sensor can be connected to all devices commonly used (Data logger, GDC, Automat, Remote System…).

Chlorine Sensor


The FC7 is a panel mounted, ready to use Free Chlorine Sensor. It is designed to monitor free chlorine in drinking water, rinse water, cooling water or other fresh water samples from 0.05~10ppm Cl2 as the standard range or 0.01~5.00ppm with the low range sensor. The FC7 is compliant with EPA method 334.0 for measuring drinking water.Free chlorine exists in solution as pH dependent ratio of hypochlorous acid (~100% at pH 5) and hypochlorite ion (~100% at pH 10). Free Chlorine is the sum of the Hypochlorous acid and Hypochlorite ion in the sample. The Free Chlorine Sensor measures only the hypochlorous acid component of the free chlorine and the analyzer calculates the balance using either the measured or a user defined fixed value. The use of the pH sensor provides accurate compensation for samples between pH 6 and pH 9.5 and eliminates the need for an expensive sample conditioning system to control the pH of the solution.

Turbidity & SS


The TS7 Sensor consists of a light source and a light detector (photo detector). Incident light is scattered by the particles in the sample, and the scattered light is measured by the detector. The amount of scattering depends on the amount of material in the sample, the wavelength of light used and the size and composition of the suspended particles. The Sensor uses a long life near infrared LED (880nm) and the 90° scattered light method in accordance with ISO 1027/EN 27027 to assure accurate turbidity values.

An automated mechanical wiper is available to remain surface clean and remove air bubbles of the optical window in order to maximize the accuracy and minimize the maintenance requirement.

Turbidity is expressed in nephology-metric units (NTU), which are based on the light-scattering properties of a standardized formazin polymer solution.

SA-9 Spectra-Analyzer


SA-9 spectrometer probes use standardized spectral algorithms taking in to account the complete absorption spectrum of the water (200 - 750 nm in case of UV/Vis probe) for determination of organic sum parameters such as COD, TOC, BOB and DOC. Furthermore, SA-9's spectral compensation for light absorbing particles and turbidity provides a unique method that allows the monitoring of dissolved organic substances without the need for sample pre-treatment.

The validated spectral calibrations, that use multiple wavelengths for monitoring of each parameter, allow much more accurate and robust measurements than with where single wavelength measurement.

Using field special calibrations, it is even possible to distinguish various fractions of organic carbon groups using specific features of the absorption spectrum. In particular relations between particular parts of the spectrum and (bio) degradability or organic substances have been established. Such relations allow optimization of the treatment processes used to reduce organic contaminations, for example biological processes in waste water treatment plants. In this latter case, optimization is made possible by the on-line monitoring of the amount of organic substances that can be degraded by micro-organisms (BOD). Using this knowledge, the amount of waste that is fed into the treatment plant can be managed in such a way that the activated sludge is able to most efficiently reduce the organics or alternatively nutrient dosing can be controlled which ensures an optimal concentration at all times (no under or over-dosing).

Universal Transmitter


GDC (General Displayer & Controller) series terminal are designed for continuous measurement with Cross Smart Sensors in a general purpose industrial or municipal environment. GDC terminals have the ability to extend network by intelligent sensors with RS485 output(Modbus RTU protocol). GDC terminals supply power to sensors in the meantime of getting signals. A plug and play function can be expected for those sensors in our recommended list, that means if you plug an intelligent sensor into a GDC and it will automatically configure to any of the listed measurements. GDC terminals can be expanded to work with any sensors with analogue or digital outputs for customized configuration.

Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Sensor

  • Great EMC performance, Long term stability;
  • Gauge pressure, absolute pressure option;
  • High level to resistance vibration;
  • Ceramic Piezoresistive type; Diffused Silicon type; Ceramic Capacitors type;
  • Measuring range: -100Kpa-40MPa.

Temperature Transmitter

Temperature Transmitter


A temperature transmitter is an electrical instrument that interfaces a temperature sensor (e.g. thermocouple, RTD, or thermistor) to a measurement or control device (e.g. PLC, DCS, PC, loop controller, data logger, display, recorder, etc.)Typically, temperature transmitters isolate, amplify, filter noise, linearize, and convert the input signal from the sensor then send(transmit)a standardized output signal to the control device.

  • High accuracy 2 wire temperature transmitter;
  • 1000ahm, class A platinum RTD sensing element;
  • 4-20mA output, 24V DC, 50-60Hz, Relay output;
  • Temperature range: -200~1600℃.

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