The fusion and synergy of various international manufacturing plants producing pumps, valves, actuators, positioners, hydraulic valves, gearboxes, medium voltage motors, cables, flowmeters, bus ducts, switchgears, electronic transmitters, Atex compliance signalling & control components and cleanroom conveyors had joined together to provide high quality products and solutions originating mainly from Sweden, Germany & France.

Those products are all supported with engineering and technical support available on-site or on-call. The engineering aspect includes sizing of technical requirement, design, customer approval and collaboration and finally start of production. As our company being a plant direct representative, our customers will gain from our long experience for a minimum of sixty over years including industry 4.0 platform and IoT.

The company had strategic alliance with International Workforce Development Enterprise, a Singapore-based company with exclusive partnership at Pinnacle Performance a recipient of innovation in learning awards from 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 & 2017. It offers Intention-Based Communication Skills & Interpersonal Skills training for industries related to teaching, technology, management and manufacturing.

We are specialized in conducting intention-based communication skills training covering areas of presentation skills, interpersonal skills, listening skills, interview skills and leadership skills. The Pinnacle Methodâ„¢ The award-winning Pinnacle Method applies our innovative three-step process to every form of communication, from formal presentations to difficult one-on-one conversations. We show you how focusing on your message's objective and delivery is critical in influencing audience reactions.

Finally, the company had an exclusive partnership with CMA (Centre for Microcomputer Applications) a company based in the Netherlands with the main goal to enrich and improve science, mathematics and technology education with innovative and attractive technology. With this goal in mind, CMA stimulates and supports educational authorities, schools, science teachers and teacher trainers.

Our activities are broad and cover all necessary fields:

F S Intl. And Industrial Corporation is your ideal and value – added supplier for major areas covering:

The incorporators have more than 20 over years of experience serving customers in power plant, food and beverage, oil and gas, mining, cement, packaging, sugar, electronics & semiconductor industries.

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